Friday, September 25, 2009

Isaí Mireles, MFA Gradaute Exhibition, Art House, October 2-29, 2009

Isai Sallum Mireles

I paint, primarily, using traditional techniques. Light, color, composition and space are my main concern, much more so than content. It's not what you paint; it's how you paint it. Everything around us, including ourselves, has its own purpose, its own importance. And yet none is more important than the other. It's all connected. In my work I attempt to express something more than the physical aspects of the subject. It is not my intent to portray accurately what I see but rather to allow what I see to show itself to me. I am constantly amazed how color, design and subject matter can evoke emotion. My aim in art is to explore color and movement on large or small canvas, depicting color in certain areas to evoke a sensation of movement. I love to capture the essence of motion as a harmonious flow between vertical and horizontal dimensions. The expression is of utmost importance. This expression is the language I have chosen, forged by what I've learned from life and brief moments of revelation and hopefully it comes from the heart. What I call art is my small attempt to show how I perceive these inexpressible things as they manifest themselves in me. My part is to freely and joyously paint and let the results take care of themselves. I feel that successful painting just happens and the end result cannot be anticipated and should be very surprising to the painter. The more the painter can “not paint” so to speak, the more space becomes available for this communication to take place. It is a kind of effortless accomplishment whose success is not measured by the work itself but rather in what is stirred or evoked in the viewer. Possibly, the real joy of painting and art is that it has the power to wake up the sleeping artist within each of us, thus creating new possibilities for seeing and appreciating the beauty around us.